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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: Ash River Aquatic Biophysical Assessment 1992-93.

Date: 1993

Author(s): R.P. Griffith

Produced For: BC Hydro, Environmental Affairs, Burnaby BC

Description: From early October 1992 to early May 1993, an aquatic biophysical assessment was conducted in the Ash River drainage, downstream of B.C. Hydro's hydroelectric storage/diversion facilities at Elsie Lake. The objectives of the study were to document 1)existing fish habitat values and use by anadromous and resident fish species, 2) limitation and-or benefits to fish production from the Elsie Lake hydroelectric facilities or operations, and 3) options to mitigate impacts, if warrented. 186p.

Geographic-specific: Ash River

Format: Print

Language: English