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Type: Proceedings

Title: Zooplankton on the west coast of Vancouver Island: distribution and availability to marine birds

Extended Title: The ecology, status, and conservation of marine and shoreline birds on the west coast of Vancouver Island

Date: 1991

Author(s): David Mackas, Canadian Wildlife Service; Moira Galbraith, Canadian Wildlife Service

Publisher: Publications, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

Publish Location: Ottawa

Edition: Occasional Paper, ISSN 0576-6370, Number 75

Description: Abstract: The outer coast of Vancouver Island is biologically highly productive because of large summer inputs of upwelled nutrients and resulting dense phytoplankton blooms. The resident zooplankton populations are well fed from spring through autumn; their seasonal cycle and spatial distribution are set largely by advective patterns and bathymetry. pp15-21.

Use Constraints: copyright

Geographic-general: West Coast Vancouver Island

Format: Print

Language: English