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Type: Newspaper Article

Title: Huu-ay-aht come to Alberni just for the halibut

Date: April 20 2006

Author(s): Wawmeesh, George Hamilton , for Ha-Shilth-Sa

Newspaper Name: Ha-Shilth-Sa

Description: Port Alberni - It was fish-day for Huu-ay-aht as 14,000 pounds of halibut was distributed to members at their treaty office in Port Alberni. The treaty office was a beehive of activity as Huu-ay-aht members came and went, collecting their share of halibut, some of which were almost too big to fit into the garbage bags members brought to carry them in. One fell through as it was dropped into a bag....

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Geographic-specific: Port Alberni,Huu-ay-aht

Geographic-general: Barkley Sound

Format: Digital

Language: English