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Type: Newspaper Article

Title: Seagull egg harvesting at Bare Island

Date: June 19 2003

Author(s): Denise Ambrose , Ha-Shilth-Sa

Newspaper Name: Ha-Shilth-Sa

Description: Near Ahousaht - Harvesting seagull eggs is a practice several families in Ahousaht have engaged in for generations. On a warm June afternoon, a herring skiff bounces over the ocean waves carrying its eight occupants to Bare Island. Located about halfway between Ahousaht and Tofino, Bare Island is one of the western most islets off of Vargas Island. Barren of trees, Bare Island is mostly rock jutting out of the ocean capped with tufts of grass, weeds and shrubs. A favoured nesting site, seagulls swirl around the island, white-washing the black rock with their excrement...

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Geographic-specific: Bare Island

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound

Format: Digital

Language: English