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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: Eelgrass monitoring and research in Clayoquot Sound

Date: February 2013

Author(s): Josie Osborne; Caron Olive

Description: Purposes: (1) provide background on the importance of eelgrass ecosystems and why eelgrass is a suitable ecosystem indicator; (2) review and identify key threats to eelgrass ecosystems in Clayoquot Sound through literature search and interviews with local experts and residents; (3) review and provide a synopsis of past and current eelgrass releated reseach and monitoring; (4) make recommendations to complete past projects and for future projects in eelgrass research and monitoring

Web Site: http://www.clayoquotbiosphere.org/web/wp-content/uploads/library_database/Eelgrass_Osborne_Olive_2013.pdf

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound

Format: Digital Text File

Language: English