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Type: Journal Article

Title: Atlantic salmon in the north Pacific

Date: 1997

Author(s): Skip McKinnell; A. J. Thomson; E. E. Black; B. L. Wing; C. M. Gutherie III; J. F. Koerner; J. H. Helle

Journal Name: Aquaculture Research

Volume: 28

Pages: 145-157

Description: The first catches of Atlantic salmon in BC waters occurred in 1987. the first /reported/ escape of Atlantic salmon (2000 individuals) occurred in 1988. From 1988 to 1995, 97,799 Atlantic salmon were reported escaped from net pens in BC but the true number was higher as not all escapes are reported. Since 1987 a total of 9096 Atlantic salmon were caught in the coastal marine waters of BC, Washington and Alaska, and 188 were caught in fresh water. Most catches occurred in the Johnstone Strait area, where the abundance of salmon farms is highest. Most fish caught in fresh water are either maturing or mature.

Physical Description: 12-page stapled

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust Library

Document Location: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust Library Filing Cabinet

Document Identifier: FC/FIS/MCK

Geographic-general: BC Province, Pacific Northwest

Format: Print

Language: English