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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: An Assessment of the Vertebrate Ecology of the Tofino Creek Watershed, Vancouver Island, BC

Date: February 1994

Author(s): Todd E. Manning, Branta Educational Consultants

Produced For: Ministry of Forests, Vancouver Forest Region; BC Environment, Vancouver Island Region

Description: "A one year research project was conducted in the Tofino Creek watershed on western Vancouver Island, British Columbia, during the spring and summer of 1992. The major objectives of this study were to determine the presence and absence of mammals, birds, and amphibians found in different coastal western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) and mountain hemlock (T. mertensiana) habitats in the watershed, and to compare the relative abundance of forest birds living in these habitats. Specific surveys were conducted for forest spring breeding birds, salamanders, small mammals, owls, and Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus marmoratus). Fifty-two species of birds were detected in eight habitat types throughout the valley between May and July, 1992.

Physical Description: 39-page stapled report

Document Location: CBT Library - filing cabinet

Document Identifier: FC/TERa/MAN

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound

Format: Print

Language: English