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Type: Journal Article

Title: Roosevelt Elk Selection of Temperate Rain Forest Seral Stages in Western Washington

Date: 1993

Author(s): Greg L. Schroer; Kurt J. Jenkins; Bruce B. Moorhead

Journal Name: Northwest Science

Volume: 67

Pages: 23-27

Description: We studied habitat selection by Roosevelt elk (Cervus elaphus roosevelti) in a temperate rain forest in the lower Quuets River Valley of the western Olympic Peninsul, Washington from June 1986-June 1987. Elk annual home ranges included predominantly unlogged forests protected within Olympic National Park and logged, regenerating forests adjacent to the park. Radio-collared elk selected valley floors during all seasons except winter, when elk frequently used an adjoining plateau 60 m above the flodplain. In winter, radio-collared elk selected 6-15 year-old clearcuts, which were available on the plateau. Elk selected mature deciduous forests of the valley floor during spring, summer, and autumn, and generally they selected old-age Sitka spruce forests during autumn and winter. Young clearcuts (1-5 years old) and even-aged, regenerated stands (16-150 years old) generally were avoided during all seasons.

Physical Description: 3-page article

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

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Document Identifier: FC/TERa/SCH

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Geographic-specific: Queets River Valley

Geographic-general: Pacific Northwest

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Language: English