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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: Amphibians and Fish Within Wetlands of the Clayoquot Biosphere Reserve Region 2012-13

Extended Title: Interim Monitoring Report

Date: March 2014

Author(s): Barbara Beasley

Publisher: Association for Wetland Stewards of Clayoquot and Barkley Sound

Publish Location: Ucluelet, BC

Description: We gathered information about the distribution of two species of aquatic-breeding amphibians. Red-legged frogs (Rana aurora) and Northwestern Salamanders (Ambystoma gracile) relative to the presence of native species of fish, in particular Coho (Oncorhynchus kisutch), Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki clarki) and Three-spined Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in natural and restored/created freshwater wetland habitats. The Red-legged Frog and Cutthroad Trout are blue-listed species in British Columbia and the former is also federally listed as a Species of Special Concern. Our ultimate aim is to gather information that will help us learn how to manage and restore wetlands in ways that provide productive habitat for both fish and amphibians. We focused our project at wetlands within and adjacent to the Lost Shoe watershed on the Kennedy Flats near Ucluelet, BC. Many fish streams in the Kennedy Flats damaged by poor logging practices in the past are undergoing restoration. Improving fish access to Swan Lake, a 4-ha wetland that currently has no fish, has been a controversial project because Swan Lake has one of the highest counts of breeding Red-legged Frogs recorded in BC. It has been suggested that restoration of fish access to Swan Lake will cause a reduction in the breeding population of Red-legged Frogs and other amphibian species, but the magnitude of the reduction is unknown. Our objectives were to (1) collect baseline data on the abundance of egg masses and larvae of Red-legged Frogs and Northwestern Ssalamanders at Swan Lake to compare to abundance patterns after fish return in the future, (2) compare the relative abundance of egg masses and larvae of Red-legged Frog and other amphibians in wetlands with and without fish, and (3) document water quality variables that could limit the abundance or duration of fish presence in Swan Lake and other wetlands.

Web Site: http://www.clayoquotbiosphere.org/web/wp-content/uploads/library_database/Wetland%20Surveys%20for%20Amphibians%20and%20Fish%202012-2013.pdf

Physical Description: 22 pages and appendix

Geographic-general: West Coast Vancouver Island

Format: Digital Text File

Language: English