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Type: Proceedings

Title: Native Plants and First Nations: How can we create research that is equitable, sustainable, and beneficial to all?

Extended Title: Workshop Proceedings and Report

Date: January 24 2005

Date: January 25 2005

Author(s): Amanda Howe, Royal Roads University

Produced For: The Centre for Non-Timber Resources

Description: File Report: 200137-01 This workshop was funded by the Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada as part of the Natural Health Products Research Program (NHPRP). The aim of the NHPRP is to germinate interest in natural health product research by supporting research and related activities that address the following objectives: - the need to build research capacity - the commitment to conduct research of the highest quality - the importance of developing community infrastructure and partnerships; and/or - the need to enhance knowledge transfer and information retrieval The NHPRP has been developed to reflect the diverse nature of the Natural Health Product research community. During their nationwide consultations the NHPRP identified indigenous medicinal plants and Aboriginal contributions and approaches to alternative health care as research priorities.

Web Site: http://www.royalroads.ca/cntr

Physical Description: 24-page report

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

Document Location: CBT Library - Filing Cabinet

Document Identifier: SOCe/HOW

Use Constraints: Office Use Only

Geographic-general: West Coast Vancouver Island, Other, BC Province, Vancouver Island

Format: Print

Language: English