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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: Black-tailed Deer ecology in and around Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Date: February 28 2007

Author(s): Christian Engelstoft, Alula Biological Consulting

Description: This report reviews published literature as well as governmental reports that pertain to deer studies on Vancouver Island for use towards building a habitat model based on satellite imagery. Objectives: 1) Provide an overview of deer ecology 2) Determine Black-tailed Deer density in different forest seral stages on the west coast of Vancouver Island based on literature review

Web Site: http://www.clayoquotbiosphere.org/wildcoast/docs/11_Christian_EngelStoft_Blacktail_Deer_Ecology_in_and_around_PRNPR_2007.pdf

Document Location: http://www.clayoquotbiosphere.org/wildcoast/docs/11_Christian_EngelStoft_Blacktail_Deer_Ecology_in_and_around_PRNPR_2007.pdf

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound, West Coast Vancouver Island, Barkley Sound

Format: Digital Text File

Language: English