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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: Coastal Temperate Rain Forests: Ecological Characteristics, Status and Distribution Worldwide

Extended Title: A Working Manuscript, June 1992

Date: June 1992

Author(s): Jim Weigand; Andy Mitchell; Dennis Morgan

Editor(s): Erin Kellogg (ed)

Produced For: Ecotrust, Conservation International

Description: Ecotrust and Conservational International have prepared this document for the explicit purpose of soliciting comments from researchers and managers working in coastal temperate rain forests around the world. We have developed a global GIS database to assess the distribution and status of coastal temperate rain forests, and so that new information can be incorporated in the database as it becomes available. This report presents conflicting estimates of the areal extent of coastal temperate rain forests as a result of different methods and information sources. We hope that readers will inform us of any errors or additional data that would help us refine and update the global database, and to build future regional databases. This report includes preliminary maps illustrating the "original" extent of coastal temperate rain forests. We define original as post-glaciation, pre-human settlement. In many regions, this admittedly translates to pre-colonial settlement.

Physical Description: 64-page report

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

Document Location: CBT Library - Filing Cabinet

Document Identifier: FC/FORe/WEI

Use Constraints: Office Use Only

Geographic-general: Other

Format: Print

Language: English