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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: Methodology for Landscape Analysis to Protect Old Growth

Date: February 1993

Author(s): Tom Bradley; H. L. Hammond

Description: Introduction: The goals of this proposal initial inventory of old growth forests in British Columbia are to: 1. Identify the areas of old forest (i.e., old growth and late successional forests) which remain in BC. These old forests are classified by ecosystem type, including specie composition. 2. Assess the landscape ecology of the remaining old forests and surrounding landscapes. Where are the forests? What are the adjacent ecosystems? What is the area of individual old forest stands? What is the ecological viability of remaining old forest stands? 3. Identify a potential landscape network of old forests, riparian corridors,and cross-valley corridors which, when protected, will retain the old forests as a functional part of the managed forest landscape. 4. Ensure the full protection and maintenance of the complete range of old growth forest types in BC by identifying large old growth forest reserves in all forest ecosystems across the forest landscape. 5. Use the forest landscape analysis procedure to recommend alternative plans and prescriptions to protect the integrity of the forest landscape ecology of a particular area.

Physical Description: 111-page, cerox-bound report

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

Document Location: CBT Library

Document Identifier: FORm/BRA

Use Constraints: Office Use Only

Geographic-general: BC Province

Format: Print

Language: English