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Document Description

Type: Report (unpublished)

Title: The Odonoata of the Clayoquot River System, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Date: 1994

Author(s): Janna Smit; Volker Homes

Produced For: Clayoquot Biosphere Project

Description: This is a study on mayflies and dragonflies at Clayoquot Lake and the Clayoquot River System on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The Odonata on the outer west coast of British Columbia is little known. Especially for the middle and north part of Vancouver Island there are few records dealing with this order of insects. The data were collected from August 2 to August 23, 1994 in the Clayoquot Sound area, reachable only by floatplane. Adult mayflies and dragonflies and their exuviae were collected in different habitats and identified and ecological observations on these species were added. This study is a part of a long-term ecosystem research program in the Clayoquot Valley founded by the Clayoquot Biosphere Project.

Physical Description: 17-page document with photographs

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

Document Location: CBT Library - Filing Cabinet

Document Identifier: FC/AQUh/SMI

Use Constraints: Office Use Only

Geographic-specific: Clayoquot Lake, Clayoquot River Valley

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound

Format: Print

Language: English