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Title: Sustainable Foreset Management Plan: Tree Farm License 57, Timber Licenses (T0831, T0834, T0837, T0840 & T0846) & Tree Farm License 54 (Portion Inside Clayoquot Sound)

Extended Title: Term 2006-2011

Date: October 20 2011

Author(s): Derek Drake

Publisher: Iisaak Forest Resources Ltd.

Description: Executive Summary: This document is a Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) for Iisaak Forest Resources Ltd. It covers Iisaak and Mamook's complete tenure holdings of approximately 136,450 hectares in Clayoquot Sound, BC. THis area is made up of three basic tenure types namely TFL57 (including Tls inside TFL 57), TFL 54 and TLs (T0831, T0834, T0837, T0849 and T0846) held outside of TFLs. The forest tenure Iisaak manages (TFL54) is owned by Iisaak's parent company Mamook Natural Resources Ltd who has assigned management responsibilities to Iisaak in 2010. The planning framework presente dis subjected to the provisions and conditions of the current tenure license documents, the Forst Act and regulations, the Forest and range Practices Act and regulations, the Forest Practices Code of BC Act and regulations, the Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel Recommendations, the official Clayoquot Sound Watershed Plans (established via the Clayoquot Sound Land Use Order, 2008), the Clayoquot Sound Watershed Planning Process and other relevant government legislation and associated regulations. This document is considered to be a dynamic plan with the goal of continual improvement over time. It will be updated and revised on an as needed basis as Iisaak refines its criteria and indicators, management strategies, and operational approaches in its pursuit to better define, measure and monitore the ecological, cultural, social and economic objectives of SFM. At a minimu, the plan will be revisited and updated in its entirety at least once every five years.

Web Site: http://www.iisaak.com/documents/SFMP_TFL54_57_NOV1_2011.pdf

Physical Description: 116-page report

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

Document Location: http://www.iisaak.com/documents/SFMP_TFL54_57_NOV1_2011.pdf

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound

Format: Digital Text File

Language: English