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Type: Journal Article

Title: Temporary colonization of Cleland Island, British Columbia, by common murres from 1969-82

Date: 2004

Author(s): Harry R. Carter

Journal Name: Wildlife Afield

Pages: 39-45

Description: Small numbers of Common Murres (Uria aalge) temporarily bred at Cleland Island on the central west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, from 1969-82, but the cirumstances surrounding this brief colonization event have not been previously assessed. This colonization, and breeding attempts at three other nearby sites (Florencia Island, "White" Islet, and Starlight Reef) between the late 1960s and early 1980s, may have reflected a temporary expansion of the murre population form Washington under suitable source population conditions (i.e., after a period of population growth in Washington) and suitable nesting habitat conditiosn at sites along the central west coast of Vancouver Island (i.e., availability of bare rock habitat on predator-free islands with low disturbance). However, long-term breeding did not develop at these colonies. Possible reasons for abandonement include: a) the relatively short period of a few decades of population growth at Washington colonies which ended abruptly in 1983 and was followed by population decline; b) limited suitable breeding habitats on the central west coast of Vancouver Island, contributing to small colony size without growth and sufficient recruitment; c0 disturbance of breeding birds by humans and Bald Eaagles (Haliateetus leucocephalus); and d) mortality of breeding birds or their progeny from natural mortality, gill-net fishing, and oil spills.

Web Site: http://www.wildlifebc.org/pdfs/1_2_Carter.pdf

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