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Document Description

Type: Student Paper

Title: Nature-Based Wellness Tourism in the Clayoquot Biosphere Reserv

Author(s): Stephen Chastain, SFU; Tjasa Demsar, SFU; Grant Diamond, SFU; Daniela Fuertner, SFU; Christina Lengauer, SFU; Maurice Probst, SFU

Produced For: SFU

Description: Over the past few decades, scientific research has confirmed the numerous and diverse benefits of spending time in natural environments for the human health and wellbeing. Yet, a number of visitors of Tofino do not seem to be aware of the degree of positive effects that can be derived from consciously enjoying the benefits of nature, and do not spend a lot of time pursuing activities that would improve their wellbeing. Therefore, we see the potential of wellbeing tourism as a mechanism, not to bring more tourists in the area, but to enhance the visitor experience of the current tourists.

Office: Clayoquot Biosphere Trust

Document Identifier: SOCe CHA

Geographic-general: Clayoquot Sound, West Coast Vancouver Island, BC Province, Vancouver Island

Format: Print

Language: English