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Type: Proceedings

Title: Factors affecting the distribution of kelp and its importance as a food source.

Extended Title: The ecology, status, and conservation of marine and shoreline birds on the west coast of Vancouver Island. (eds) Kees Vermeer, Robert Butler, Ken Morgan.

Date: 1991

Author(s): Robert DeWreede

Publisher: Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

Publish Location: Ottawa, Ont.

Edition: Occasional Paper, ISSN 0576-6370, Number 75

Description: abstract: Kelp beds form a major habitat in many near-shore marine sites in British Columbia. The abundance and distribution of kelps are determined in part by such factors as salinity, light and temperature and by herbivores, such as sea urchins and limpets. Sea otters Enhydra lutris influence kelp distribution by consuming urchins. Together these factors determine the age (and hence size and stage) and structure of kelp stands. Birds are predators of organisms that live in kelp beds, but almost nothing is known of kelp-bird interactions in British Columbia. pp37-40.

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Geographic-general: West Coast Vancouver Island

Format: Print

Language: English